River Gorge

Built By: Barry Fisher


This is a double module built to match one of my early modules, the Snowshed Corner. At our main annual exhibition we decided to have a mountain and hill peninsula between a set of modules based on a city and a set based in the countryside, with a wheat theme. This central peninsula separated the two ends of the display and provided a great visual block for the viewing public. It enabled the display to seem even bigger than the 9 m x 4 m that is took up.


The bridge is a modified Double track Girder with the overhead girder removed and replaced with a new girder below. I hard wired droppers to every piece of track and connected up a traditional power point on the rear of the module so that no pieces of track may become dead in the future. The double was well tested at our recent exhibition with all consists travelling smoothly around the peninsula.

I managed to find the original Woodland Scenics rock moulds and some of the trees from the early module and this allowed me to match the feel of the old module and blend the new module into the scene. The photo shows it sitting to the left of the inside corner. I am hoping that it will also match well on the right had side of the corner as this will be the arrangement in my home display. I will hopefully post a picture in this arrangement soon, but all the modules are still packed away after the exhibition.

Constructed: March 2020

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