Robert Myers

About Me and What I Like Most About T-Trak

I've been a N Scale modeller since 1992. I guess I like N Scale for the variety of of different ways that it can be used to approach model railroading — and I've tried most of them. I've belonged to a fixed layout club with an approximately 2000 sq. ft. (200m2) layout. I've done a couple of small layouts that took advantage of N Scale's smaller size compared to HO. I've buit a tiny 28" square layout with operations and a switching puzzle. For over the last ten years I've belonged to NWNTrak, built NTrak and T-Trak modules and participated in setups of both.

I first saw T-Trak when the Fitzgeralds visited our club and Lee set up her first demonstration layout. I was taken but the small size and ease of getting into it. I liked its potential applicability for LDEs and adaptability to home layouts. One problem I saw with NTrak and home layouts was that a minimal attempt at a NTrak home layout came to about 4' x 12' and was free standing. Also, because of the clamping, removal of a "home" module for shows was difficult and discouraging. I've got a T-Trak home layout that sits on top of some bookcases, can be put into a closet when my wife gets really sick of it, and where the center 6' yard can easily be extracted and brought to shows. Logistically, I can fit an entire layout of about 30' running length along with electrics, trains, etc. into the rear of my VW Golf.


Loaded up for Kenosha show May 2009.

I also enjoyed that with T-Trak I was getting in on the ground floor and could be an 'early adopter' discovering problems and solutions and making the results available to other hobbyists. I was one of the first to join the Yahoo list, and have message #3 dated 10/9/2002 on it.

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