Robert W. Feuerstein

I am new to the Florida community, I just move from San Diego California on May 23, 2018, and join the Big Bend Model Railroad Association (B.B.M.R.A.) and belong to the National Model Railroad Association (N.M.R.A.)
In the past, I belong to the Pacific Southwest Region (P.S.R.) group as director and Member I Also belong to Short Track Railroad (S.T.R.R.) club located in Vista California for the last 3 years.

About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

It is to transport and it will fit on bookshelves very easily.

My Clubs

Big Bend Model Railroad Association


North Raleigh Model Railroad Club


NMRA Sunshine Region SSR


My Modules

BBMRA T-TRAK-N Modules- Sedona Plateau

My Trains

"N" Scale

  • Shiki-Shima
  • Milwaukee Road "Olympian Hiawatha"
  • Amtrak "Surfliner"
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