Built By: Bryan Finley

Description: Rummelplatz is German for "Fun fair" or carnival. This module represents a German funfair using 15 German structure kits powered by AC or DC motors. The structures included are:

Swing Boats
Geisterbahn ("Ghost Train")(with a built in light and sound module)
Festzelt (festival tent with light)
Market stands (set of 2)

Reisenrad (Ferris Wheel)
Jupiter (rocket ride)
Food/game market stands (set of 4).

Figures primarily from Faller and Preiser.

The power supply to the AC motors is via a 16 volt AC transformer wired to two 10-nodule power buses bolted to the middle support plank of the module box (see photo). The Jupiter and Octopus rides are powered by Tamiya DC 2-AA battery-powered motor and Universal Gear Box sets under the surface to replace the original rubber-band drive mechanisms.

Red on-off button switches have been installed on the front of the box to allow visitors and operators to turn on/off rides. Due to the push buttons on the front, I sometimes need to secure the box from sliding and knocking the track out of position. In some instances I have used a 1" foam board to brace it to the module behind it and in other instances have put my module adjacent to a turn for stability.

Module as displayed in Tyler, March 16-17, 2019

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