Rummelplatz III

Built By: Bryan Finley

Description: Rummelplatz is German for "Fun fair" or carnival. This module represents a German funfair using 15 structure kits powered by AC or DC motors. The structures included are:

Swing Boats
Geisterbahn ("Ghost Train")(with a built in light and sound module)
Festzelt (festival tent with light)
Market stands (set of 2)

Reisenrad (Ferris Wheel)
Jupiter (rocket ride)
Food/game market stands (set of 4).

Circus Building
Circus Wagons

Mini-Golf Set

Figures primarily from Faller, Merten and Preiser.

The power supply to the AC motors and most lights is via a 16 volt AC 20VA transformer wired to two 10-nodule power buses. The Ferris Wheel lights are powered by 7VA RailPower pack. Wiring employs Woodland Scenics "Just-Plug" Splicer Plugs and Tidy Wire Kits, making for easy removal and maintenance of the rides. The Jupiter and Octopus rides are powered by Walthers turntable motors under surface to replace the unreliable and "too fast" original rubber-band drive mechanisms. Low profile on-off button switches have been installed on the back of the box to allow operator to turn rides on/off.

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