Sechrist Elementary School

Location: Sechrist Elementary School, Flagstaff, Arizona

T-Trak Standards: 33mm Spacing

The Sechrist Elementary School club ceased to operate after December 2019 when the club sponsor retired from running it.

Restricted Membership for Sechrist Elementary School 3rd to 5th graders.

Events and Modules

10 students enroll for an after school activity one hour per week for a semester. Each student builds a module which includes a building, water feature, road, and hills, with scenery—all designed by the individual student.

An open house presents the modules to the school at the end of each semester with trains running. The sponsor provides corner and power modules. Students take their modules home at the end of the semester.

Some are displayed at Flagstaff Train Day in May.

Spring 2017 was the sixth semester for the club.

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