Sergio Haynes
Sergio and Krystal


My first train was given to me by my uncle, who was stationed in Germany at the time, when I was 8 yrs old. He went to the PX and purchased an LGB starter set for $100!! I played with trains until about age 15, then the girls became more interesting.

Many years later, after the trains sat in boxes, I decided to set up that very same train set, under the xmas tree. That was about 16 yrs ago. My family has loved it and renewed my interest in model trains. Although I loved G scale, I did not have the room, or money, to set up a decent sized layout. I started tinkering with Nscale and joined my first N-Trak modular club about 4 years ago (2011). As well, I built a train in a fishtank for home entertainment and played with trains at the trainshows, so I could run my trains on the big layouts.

Eventually, I found that my artistic talents as a child had returned and I could create so much more, with scenery and electronics. During one of the local shows, I met a couple of laid back, cool guys (Vic and Herb) with NTTTrak, who encouraged me to join. Although it took a couple of years to commit, I loved how artistically creative this group was, and still is. I also admit that my set up times have now gone from 6 hours to 6 minutes (per module)! My wife Krystal has also helped with some of my projects is sometime the imaginative force behind my builds. Our saying is, "She dreams it, I build it!" We are a great team and we "train" well together. We will be married 13 years in May 2016.

Overall, I think this group has similar interests and professionalism, which fit my personality to a tee. I look forward to being with these guys and seeing all the creativeness that they bring to the table! Haha get it? See you at the shows!!

My Modules

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