Signal Module 5

Built By: MPTT


Description: In February 2023, we added Signal Module 5 to complement Signal Modules 1, 2 & 3, which were built in 2018, and replace the functions of our Power End Cap with a smaller module. This means only signal modules 1, 3 and 5 need to be taken to the school for a running session, rather than three signal modules and an end cap. That makes carrying the modules much easier.

Signal Module 5 uses MERG electronic kits with a similar configuration to our older signal modules. A CANVOUT module underneath controls the model signals and reports the feedback from the track occupancy sensors over the CBUS bus cable linking the signal modules. On top of the module is a CANUSB for connecting a computer to the CBUS, a CANCSB combined DCC command station and booster (this is a CBUS kit from RME), an optical sensor circuit (to a MERG design) used for detecting rail vehicles that don't draw any power from the track, and a MERG DTC-2 DCC track current detector circuit. There are sockets on the front of the module to connect two MERG DCC cab handsets. The back of the module has sockets for input power at 15V DC (for the DCC command station) and 12V DC (for the CBUS modules), plus outputs to the main track DCC bus and a programming track.

The signals on Signal Module 5 are placed closer to the ends of the module to give a longer overlap distance beyond the signals in case a driver misjudges their braking approaching the signal. The optical sensor at the end of the overlap detects the presence of any model rail vehicles that don't conduct electricity.

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