Signs And Brochures

We love the kids, the young ones and the old ones that drove them to the show, but they should all know better than to touch the modules and the trains. Here are a few "Do Not Touch" signs to add to the layout to help keep the fingers away.




T-TRAK Brochure

One of the great things about showing T-TRAK at train shows is the exposure we gain to potential new modelers. It is very important that every exhibitor be in a position to point the visitors to more information about how to get started in T-TRAK. To that end, we have developed a customizable brochure that each club can tailor with their name and contact information for use as a handout at their shows. It is formatted to print on standard 8.5"x11" paper to be tri-folded. This keeps the cost of reproduction down and gives the visitor something they can put in their pocket to take home.

The brochure is in Word format, so it can easily be edited on almost any computer.

Click here to download the T-TRAK Trifold Brochure (English)

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