Silo balloon loop

Built By:Josh Murrah


This is a balloon loop that is centered around a grain silo. It uses two #6s and 282mm curves, with 124mm easements to avoid switchbacks. There will be a propane gas depot in the clearing between the trees and the silo before June. The module deck is 5mm underlayment plywood plus bracing for the deck along with a long strip of hardiboard for the fascia and lumber cubes holding the 5 adjustable feet. The module was freehand cut by tracing the 1.5" set-back around the track while placed on the deck, I then added the lumber blocks for the feet, and those also provide anchors for the hardiboard strip that wraps around the module.

I own two of these loops, allowing me to use them at home to create a loop out of a single row of modules, they also have interesting possibilities when used with junction modules as layout interests. I'm working on junctions with small spacers to substitute as doubles to make them easy to use with a show layout.

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