Single Track Corner 1

Built By: Bob Myers

Description: Single track corner module.

This and the other single track corners of this series are built 168mm deep. They are hexagons with both the inside and outside short edges 168mm long so that the modules are symmetrical and can easily be bolted together for transport.

The track is 15 degrees of 481mm radius, followed by 60 degrees of 249mm radius and finally 15 degrees more of 481mm. An interesting fact of this geometry is that the effective radius is 317mm, so the corner is only 2mm larger than a typical 'alternate' corner. So, a layout built with these corners still fit on a 30" banquet table. They are so close in size that a single track branch line built with these can be intermixed in a normal 'alternate' layout.

By using the larger radius easements appearance and operation are improved.


XTrkCad drawing of 249mm radius eased corner


Unfortunately, my construction was a little off and this set all came out slightly 'squashed' with the right angles a little under square. The corners need to be reworked or replaced. That's why scenicing was halted at this ground cover only stage.


End shot shows easement more clearly.


This shows the underside and rear of the module. All four of the single track corners have 'Australian' style RCA jack power connection. This shot shows a couple of other items that may be of interest. Soldered power feeds go to a euro-style barrier strip. Most of the club's modules have at least this much wiring, making it easy to add power dees on an as needed basis. This also shows the felt covered adjusting feet. This allows the modules to be placed on furniture quality tables without fear of scratching the tables. This is also common club practice.

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