Snow Demo

Built By: Dan

Description: This is the demonstration module used for the Monkton Park Primary School T-Trak Club's snow modules. The module was built with exactly the same techniques to prove the method and demonstrate to the children the end result they were aiming for. Do you feel for the boy towing his little brother along on a sledge, as he walks across the snowy field looking for a good hill for sledging?


The Snow Demo module (red label) is shown here alongside one of the snow modules built by members of Monkton Park Primary School T-Trak Club.

The speed restriction sign on the front (red) track is a slightly whimsical 50/MU60 differential restriction ("50 over MU60"), allowing lighter Multiple Unit trains with better brakes to run slightly faster than other categories of train. I thought the double-stacked signs looked cool but I wanted to keep the other speeds in the pack for other projects. The most plausible explanation I can think of for 50/MU60 is there must be a weak bridge somewhere ahead…

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