Snowshed Inside Corner

Built By: Barry Fisher

Description: This module was my first attempt at an inner corner using the alternate 33mm spacing. I couldn't find a plan so I constructed my module with metric measurments to fit into a L shaped Layout. I found a photo in an Australian Magazine of a shed used to protect a line from rockfall so I thought I would use that as a design idea. I made the whole top of the module removeable so if a derailment occurred the tunnel can be lifted for quick access. I was really happy with the flexibility of layout design that is possible with the addition of this inner corner. I used plaster impregnated gauze over blue foam to create the mountain and experimented with a few different brands of model trees to add the detail I was looking for.


The module provides a great element for shaping a layout at an exhibition, but unfortunately it's big so transport is a little tricky.

Constructed: September 2007

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