Solderless Terminal Unijoiners

Buried in the Yahoo T-TRAK Group archives was the attached document, which contains non-working web links to this message thread on TrainBoard. The document below is a great article on how to create solderless wiring connections with Kato Unitrack. Click the document to open it in full screen mode.

The author of the document states he "used his teeth" to remove the Unijoiner. Kato packages a Unijoiner removal tool with their rerailer. That would be a better tool, in my opinion. The document only shows the connection for one Unijoiner. However, the process should be repeated for the slot next to the "wired Unijoiner" so that you have a "feeder track" with two wired Unijoiners on one end. The "Unijoiner feeder end" of this "feeder track" should be placed on the module on an internal track joint. In other words, the "Unijoiner feeder end" should NOT be on the module end where it is repeatedly connected and disconnected.

As in the tutorial Make Your Own Terminal Joiners, it is recommended that the track feeder wires be connected to a small terminal strip on the underside of the module. This permits the easy connection of a Kato power wire and connector (or other country/club preference).

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