Somerset & Dorset Snow Single

Built By: Beth and her Dad

Description: A single module with a snow scene inspired by an Ivo Peters photograph on a Christmas card.

This module was built by Beth and her Dad over Christmas 2020 using a Kato/Woodland Scenics straight module kit. The depth of the module from the kit was reduced to fit in the club's standard storage tray. It took eight modelling sessions to make, allowing time for the glue and plaster to dry.


Somerset & Dorset 4F 44561 climbs the long gradient toward Masbury with an early afternoon goods from Bath in the winter of 1958…

snow4.jpg The snow module with the Christmas card photograph that inspired it.
snow2.jpg The goods train passes on the embankment.
snow3.jpg A plan view of the module.
MPTT_kit_box.jpg The main components: a Woodland Scenics single module kit and a big tub of snow scatter.
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