Sound As Animation

Animation effects on modules adds to the illusion of realism, and sound is now an easy and often overlooked animation component. It engages not only the eyes but also the ears. Small MP3 players attached to small speakers are now very affordable and can be concealed under the module or, in some cases, behind it (so that's what the gap is for).


Amazon has the following MP3 Player and Portable Speaker at very inexpensive pricing.

There are even small, extremely affordable MP3 players with a built-in speaker such as the NiZHi TT-028. These can play audio from their built-in FM tuner, microSD card, USB port, or line in jack and will usually play for 4-5 hours before depleting their charge. Adding an auxiliary USB battery or connecting its micro USB port to a charger will keep it playing for a longer period. This 2" (51 mm) cube can easily fit under a standard module or sometimes behind a module.


For a more interactive approach using shorter sound samples one could also employ an EZSound Module which is available on Amazon. They have two versions: push button and activation by light.


Adding sound animation with any of the devices on this page is about as simple as it gets.

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