South Sinnemahoning

Built By: Jeff Faust

(it's pronounced "SIN-uh-muh-HOE-ning")

Description: Transition module to connect the Gopher Valley Central to a T-Trak layout. Approximately 13" long (note that West interface is approximately 6 degrees from perpendicular, to match GVC). Unitrack #4 turnout configured with unpowered frog for spring-switch use. Interface to GVC is bridged with a detachable, custom-painted S124 Unitrack section. Natural-finished oak fascia.


Semaphore signals have now been installed on this module as part of the GVC signalling project. Here's a demonstration:

Scenically contiguous with:
to the west to the east
Gopher Valley Central Feasible Flats W
Crescent Curve SE
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