Built By: IST (Budapest, Hungary)

South West England themed T-trak module (still under construction)

How it looks like:

And with another module:


Photos about the building, which is still in progress:

The module, which was built by one of my friend:

British houses were made from Metcalfe precutted paper kits, while the road is a self-adhesive Noch product. Not the best choice, but when I made it, it seemed OK. Now I would make the road in a different way.

Laying down 2 houses with two sided tape.

I bought few years ago some Ratio fence plastic kit. It should be concrete fence, but without weathering it looks like a plastic fence. Another friend of mine show me a simple technic to weather items like this. Not the best method, but gives me acceptable result. I bought black crayon in an art shop and with a help of a sandpaper I got a lot of black powder. To held of this powder I used simple Tic-Tac box.
I collected little powder with a small and dry brush, but did not use it on the fence, but firstly on a simple paper until the brush contained very little powder. Then I started to "paint" the fence with it. When I did not like the result, I simply blow it from the fence and started from the beginning. To fix the powder on the fence I used my wife's hairspray as a glue.

And the result…


After I glued down the track, the road and the houses and weathered the fence, I wanted to add some small details to give better looking to my small module. I grab some scenery items (Kato tree, Noch and Graham Farish figures, Oxford and Graham Farish cars, Hornby phone box) and tried to settle these on and next to the road. I also glued down the fence, next to the track. It is too close, I think I should left much space between the track and the fence, but my models have enough place, so I don't really care. The street will be a one-way road as it is quite narrow, this is why the Mini Morris cars are on the sidewalk.

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