Spruce Creek Twin Tunnel (Set)

Built By: Kevin S


I was looking for a simple & easy way to dip my feet into the T-TRAK world. I also have a few PRR cars and locomotives that I would love to display regularly. So I decided I would do a tunnel portal as a way to hide the rest of the train. Since this was also going to be my first attempt, I figured I would go ahead and work on 'combined scenery' between two modules. So while this could have easily been done as a double, I opted to make it two singles. I used the 1x3s tutorial to construct the two singles.

While looking for inspiration for the tunnel portal module, I found a photo online of Spruce Creek Twin Tunnel that I really enjoyed. The Spruce Creek tunnel became the (very loose) inspiration for this pair of modules.

Set Membership:


My attempt at re-creating the photo that inspired me

Original Image: Spruce Creek Twin Tunnel

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