Staging Yard

Built By:Josh Murrah


This is a staging yard set of modules built out of triples… the layout can be either two modules (the end pieces) or can be all four modules for a thirteen foot section. The modules are scratch built out of 5mm underlayment and chopped down 2x4 lumber for feet at the corners.

Each main has a siding, and there are three staging tracks. I stayed with #6 switches for reliability, and use the Kato switch machines with a non-standard long run of 12v power to power them (need to change to 38v AC with adapter blocks). The ballasting is the woodland scenic recipe to save money, and the "dirt" is tinted sanded grout. The front siding has a pair of switches to kill DC power as needed to correctly stage an extra DC train. This module is powered to all lines via powerpole connectors within one of the inner modules.

4-module-profile.jpg 2-module-profile.JPGswitches.JPG 4-module-high.JPG4-module-atshow.jpg
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