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T-TRAK is a great way to get involved in model railroading as the modules are very small and easy to store. T-TRAK is the only modular railroad system with specifications for every scale so there is no need to change your scale of choice to enjoy the benefits of the T-TRAK system. Be sure to read the articles in our Tutorial section as well as the Standards section to learn more about T-TRAK.

Goals of the T-TRAK Wiki

Goal #1: We want to showcase completed T-TRAK modules with one or two photos of each. T-TRAK modules built by beginners, experts or in between are all welcome here. Club member pages (people pages) are included here primarily to tie the modules back to their creators. When you view a module you can use the 'Built by:' link to quickly find the owner's other works. Hopefully the pictures will inspire you to build your own modules and share some pictures here as well.

Goal #2: Provide the most comprehensive and current list of T-TRAK clubs on the Web. The open cooperative nature of wikis means YOU can update any information on any page. You don't have to ask a webmaster to add a T-TRAK club, update a link or fix a typo. Just join and you can easily do it right now.

There are currently 159 known T-TRAK clubs around the world. Check the CLUBS page for a list and a geographic map of club locations.

Goal #3: Grow the Model Railroading Hobby through T-TRAK standards. Perhaps you came here looking for a club in your area and there is not one (yet). Join the wiki and use it to START a club for the next person to find and contact you. There is no requirement to have an existing club website. As an alternative you can just add your name to the Seeking T-TRAK Friends page. By all means post pictures of your T-TRAK modules even if you are a 'club-of-one' at present.

Goal #4: Make it easy to find the latest posted T-TRAK module photos. Whenever you return to visit this site, be sure to check the 'Recent Changes' tab at the top of the page. Next, check the box 'Files Changes' to filter the list of page changes to those with new pictures. Enjoy!

Did you know The Boy Scouts of America have a merit badge for railroading? Making a T-TRAK module can help meet the badge requirements (plus requirements for Woodwork (4), Painting (3?, 4), and Electricity (11.e)).

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Shown above, many T-TRAK modules can be joined in different configurations to form a large layout.

T-TRAK Module Photos and Descriptions

T-TRAK Modules (organized under respective clubs).

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T-TRAK Clubs by Region, Country, Etc.

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