Steele Avenue Yard

Built By: Bob Myers

The Steele Avenue yard is a small classification and maintenance yard. The center section is 6x long by approximately 12" deep. The track spacing of the mains is 25mm.

The yard can be put in a layout with the use of a pair of 25/33 adapter modules. These modules include extensions to the yard lead and arrival/departure track.

The yard is also the center of an approximately 11' x 4' complete layout. In this case the layout is operated from the yard side.

The yard is based on a plan published in Kalmbach's Model Railroad Planning 1997 annual. In it David Barrows illustrated good yard throat design by giving four small yards as examples. These were shown as three four foot by eighteen inch "dominoes" in HO. This particular yard was based on one built by Tony Steele (hence the name) which follows AT&SF prototype practice.

The yard contains:

  • sidings on each main
  • arrival/departure track
  • engine pocket
  • 3 classification tracks
  • thoroughfare track
  • a two throat to lead arrangement with runaround
  • caboose track
  • MOW and sanding hopper storage track
  • single track engine house
  • RIP track

Structures include:

  • single track engine house with maintnence shop
  • engine service facilities (fuel, water, sand)
  • yard office converted from old caboose

The modules are:


PDF of track plan of full layout. Click to open and see the rest.

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