Built By: Thieu

Description: A town in the Northeast of the USA.

Somewhere in the Northeast is a small town called Stonefield. The double track mainline of the New Haven serves the wooden depot of the town. Nothing much happens here: a few shops, a garage, that's the whole business district of Stonefield. Most of its inhabitants are commuters who work in New York.

Kits or scratchbuilding?
During the last 5 years I have shifted my modelling focus from building kits towards scratchbuilding. Therefore I had a lot of completed buildings on the shelves, remnants of previous layouts and modules. I really wanted te re-use them again, because most of them looked quite nice (I paint and weather everything) and they have also been expensive to buy. T-Trak seemed to be a good way to use these old kits again, since I wanted to spend as little money as possible and I wanted a layout up and running within a few months (for scratchbuilding would take a lot of time…).

That's why all of the buildings in Stonefield are from modelling kits. Mostly DPM, but also Atlas (the depot), Life-Like (the garage, according to Life-Like however it should be a fire department) and the Danish manufacturer Heljan (cigar shop). I have painted and weathered all the buildings.


The B&O is visiting this New Haven depot.


Life-Like sells this kit as a fire department. I needed however a garage.

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