SWARMTrak-South West Alabama Railroad Modelers T-Trak

Location: Upper Gulf Coast Region-Mississipi Gulf Coast (Pascagoula) to Florida Panhandle (Pensacola)

Croup Standards: 33mm Spacing, Anderson Powerpole connections with Kato/Tamiya pigtail connectors available for every module, 'Red' and 'Yellow' track Designation, DC control for Red track-DCC for Yellow Track (with full capability of switching either to full DC or DCC), Raspberry Pi interface for Wifi smartphone or pad throttles (for both DCC AND DC), 12 AWG buswire with Powerpole connectors, with taps for Powerpole and Kato connectors, 12 AWG 12V DC accessory bus for accessory power

FaceBook Page: [https://www.facebook.com/pages/SWARM-South-West-Alabama-Railroad-Modelers/287500601435894]

E mail moc.liamg|RRMRAWS#moc.liamg|RRMRAWS

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