T-Junction Spacers

Built By: Kevin S

Description: The standard T-Junction as designed is 597mm of straight track. So while it fits easily into a layout as an alternative to a standard corner, it can not easily be placed elsewhere due to its non-standard length. As pointed out in Steve Jackson's design documentation, a spacer needs to be added when adding the T-Junction opposite any standard length module. For this reason, I built Short Question, and Long Answer. Named in honor of one of our groups basic mottos … "Here is the long answer to your short question".

Both modules are just some length of track, affixed to 1/4 luna, cut to ~5 inches deep (I just used some scrap I had from an earlier build). To keep things simple, neither of them have facia or feet.

NOTE: At the time of build, I was not confident enough to custom cut track, so both of these use standard Kato track from the "Straight Track Assortment" package (20-091).

Illustrations of Need

Here are the two use cases for these spacers. The more common layout usage would be the "T-shape" that uses two T-Junctions. (The second example could be set up as it, or mirrored to form an H shape with a single row of modules connecting two loops.)


Short Question

Short Question is used when a T-Junction is used on its own to fill the 23mm gap. The track length is 29mm. Track is set approximately 1.5" from both front and back, so it can be used in either direction.

Long Answer

Long Question is used when two T-Junctions are used, to fill the 46mm gap. The track length is 45.5mm. Track is set approximately 1.5" from both front and back, so it can be used in either direction.


Another Question

Same size and build as "Short Question" (29mm, with 1.5" offset from edge). Needed a second one for when we connect two loops with a single row of modules (like an H setup noted above).

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