T-TRAK-N Double Cross Junction r282

Depicted is a Double Cross Junction1. According to the Unofficial T-TRAK Handbook, this module was designed, but never built, by Brian Heil.2 The module is 595 mm (12.125") square and it is 70 mm (2.75") tall. This size conforms to the common corner radii as listed in the Interface Guidelines.

Note that this module, like the T-Junction, requires 597 mm of track. As stated on that page, 597 mm is not a natural Kato track length, therefore it will either require eight extendable track pieces (Kato 20050) or eight custom cut pieces of track for the 79.5 mm remaining track length on both sides of each 90o crossing pair (assuming 186 mm pieces at the edges as shown)3.


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Another track option would be to use 124 mm road crossing tracks (20021) at the edges and cut 186 mm pieces down to 141.5 mm.

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