T-TRAK-N S-Transition Double

Depicted is a T-TRAK-N double with an S-Transition1 track arrangement. The module is no more than 618 mm (24.3") wide. It is 70 mm (2.75") tall. The depth is at the discretion of the builder but it should be noted that depths greater than 365 mm (12.375") may violate the Interface Guidelines.


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The track arrangement for this module is specific to the 355 mm module depth so that the track offset is the same on the front and back edges. The track inventory consists of:

Part # Part Description Quantity
20020 N Kato Unitrack 20020. Straight 124mm. 2
20045 N Kato Unitrack 20040. Straight 62mm. 2
20050 N Kato Unitrack 20050. Straight extendable 78mm-108mm. 2
20071 N Kato Unitrack 20071. Straight 29mm. 4
20121 N Kato Unitrack 20121. Curve radius 315mm, angle 15º 4
20130 N Kato Unitrack 20130. Curve radius 348mm, angle 30º 2

According to AnyRail the top extendable track piece is 82.72 mm and the bottom extendable track piece is 83.37 mm. The total length of the interior straight section is 268.33 mm.


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