T-TRAK-N T-Junction r282

The T-TRAK-N T-Junction1 was developed by Steve Jackson and he documented the design process.2 The module base is typically 595 mm (23.5") wide to allow for 1 mm track overhang on each end. It is 70 mm (2.75") tall. The depth is 365 mm (14.375") to match the r282/315 corners in common use.

The required straight section of track is 597 mm long.3 This is not a natural length for straight Kato Unitrack4. The typical track arrangements consist of two 248 mm straight sections with either an extendable track piece (Kato 20050) or a custom cut piece of track for the 101 mm remaining track length. The curves consist of four pieces of r282-45o.


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In 2018 yours truly wondered if using curves instead of straight pieces would work. Surprisingly, there were multiple solutions. The diagram below shows the two typical straight mainline options on top and seven variations using curves. I like to think of these as Texas Longhorn T-Junctions.

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