T-TRAK Standards

SPECIAL LINK: Regarding the 2019 Proposed T-TRAK-N Standard Changes

On July 24, 2018, the NTrak board met and recognized that NTrak is an N-Scale modular focused organization. Subsequently, they have removed the other scales from the T-TRAK website and provided a link to the image below. The T-TRAK Wiki will maintain Lee's vision of T-TRAK for all scales on this site.

The following table is a maintained version of that which was originally on, and created for, the T-TRAK.org website. It includes updates to that version to include a few more scales; however, numerous values are still to be determined (TBD). Also, a clarification was made by separating the electrical connector from the electrical connection. (Be sure to clear your browsers image cache to get the updated specifications - the image below should have Version 20200322 in the bottom right corner).


Note: On 28 July 2018 the T-TRAK-Z specifications were amended by a vote of the T-TRAK Community on the proposed change to T-TRAK-Z specifications.

Note: BWWB* implies the the same wiring as T-TRAK-N in whatever color scheme is used for the specified track system.

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In addition to the published standards, an Interface Guideline was created in 2007 which multiple clubs endorsed. This has been a working guideline for interoperability since that time.

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