T-TRAK-Z - Tabletop Modular Z scale Railroading - Standards and recommendations

Created by Josh Murrah and Vic McTee, Revision 1.8 by Josh Murrah, 12/2/2019

Interactive group area: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ttrakz

T-TRAK-Z_samplelayout1.png T-TRAK-Z_sololayouts.png T-TRAK-Z_jumbolayout.png

common to all modules

  • height: 70mm / 2.75"" with a additional foot adjustment of 32mm / 1.25""
  • three corner sizes - they do not mix and match - straights work with all corner sizes
  • track system at module edge: Rokuhan
  • first track centerline from front edge: 3"" / 76mm
  • 2nd track centerline to centerline: just under 1"" / 25mm

T-TRAK-Z_singlemodule.png T-TRAK-Z_doublemodule.png T-TRAK-Z_triplemodule.png

straight modules

  • width: multiple of 220mm, with 2mm slop subtracted (example: single = 218mm, double = 438mm)
  • depth: 270mm (approx. 10 5/8"")
  • Backdrop is required on full depth straight modules - 178mm / 7"" height

outside corner modules

  • 195/220 (most common): 294mm length/depth (approx. 11 5/8"")
  • 220/245 319mm length/depth (approx. 12 19/32"")
  • 245/270 344mm length/depth (approx. 13 9/16"")

T-TRAK-Z_insidecorner.jpg T-TRAK-Z_insidecorner2.jpg

inside corner modules

  • each track interface side has same track setback and depth as a straight module
  • 195/220: use 90 degrees of 195/220
  • 220/245: use 90 degrees of 220/245
  • 245/270: very large inside corner, Josh Murrah has track plan options
  • Backdrop is required on inside corners - 178mm / 7"" height

junction modules

  • use the depth and inner curve size from outside corners, width is 2x curve radius plus 23mm
  • 195/220: 195 curves, straights 110+112.8+112.8+5525
  • 220/245: 220 curves, straights 220+25+220
  • 245/270: 245 curves, straights 220+25+25+25+220


  • generally inherited from T-TRAK electrical standards for buses
  • guidance: two circuits minimum, DC always available, DCC is optional, mind the voltages
  • module connections are Anderson Powerpoles secured in rear facing snap-in receptacles
  • rail colors from front to rear of module: BLACK / RED / YELLOW / BLACK
  • track feeder: 2x2 config, hoods down, starting lower left clockwise: BLACK / RED / YELLOW / BLACK
  • accessory feeder (optional, 12VDC): 1x2 config, hoods down, left to right WHITE / BLACK
  • 20 minute video on making T-TRAK-Z module connectors and bus

useful vendors / info

  • ZTrack - primary US importer/distributer for AZL and Rokuhan, and best US magazine
  • Zscale Monster Trains: Z scale super store
  • Z.Scale.Hobo: good selection of euro imports, locomotive service/repairs
  • recommended for US prototypes - AZL locos; rolling stock AZL or MTL with FVM metal wheelsets
  • recommended for japanese prototypes - Rokuhan
  • recommended for euro prototypes - Marklin
  • CMR Products makes the fullest line up of standards compliant T-TRAK-Z module kits
  • Red Rivers Models makes select higher end modules, 195/220 corners, singles, doubles
  • Josh Murrah provides 3D printed track alignment tools and module feeder / bus assemblies
  • Stuart Denniston makes top notch compliant modules Stuart Denniston <moc.liamg|dninned#moc.liamg|dninned>

some videos, and images of the original prototype based on a R062 Rokuhan double loop, the singles and corners are still in operation today

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