About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

Son of a NYCRR worker, so I got to see 'Steam' in the late 1950's before getting my first HO scale loop around the Christmas Tree in 1960. First N Scale - 1969, Arnold/Rapido layout, first N-Trak Module - 1997. Saw first T-Trak at NMRA Seattle 2004 Show with Lee Monaco/Fitzgerald giving me the details. After retiring recently, decided I was tired of lugging the heavy N-Trak modules and the setup details, etc as a one-man show normally. I thought I'd give T-Trak a go with a complete 2 foot diorama and loop at a local event, and things worked out great. I think I'll stay with it and expand my subjects, etc.

Got a question/comment about N scale military items? Shoot me an E-mail and we'll chat about it:)

In Closing - This Wiki page gave me lots of help in getting started and keeping me interested in the T-Trak concept. I'd also like to thank "Vic", who kindly helped me over the various dumb Q & A's I had for him about this site. Last - jump in and give it a try and don't worry about what others think or say. It is a "Fun" hobby to enjoy, time is too short to worry about the small stuff:)




San Pedro Naval Yard - NTrak Module (Just for reference ).


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