Temple Corner

Builder: Philip C
Owner: Martin E

The main feature of this module is a Buddhist temple with a 5-storey pagoda. The pagoda is a Fujimi kit representing one of the pagodas at Horyuji Temple in Nara. The Japanese pagoda at Disney World is a replica of this. The other buildings are leftovers from the Tomytec shrine kit. I made one of them into a tourist ticket office, with some old gravestones behind it. A group of high school students are standing near the entrance, and of course, there are a few vending machines along the street.

On the opposite side of the tracks are a fire house, small restaurant, pachinko hall, post office, small park and parking area. The high building in front of the trains serves to disguise the curve so that the layout looks less like a racetrack.

The Japanese flag on the fire station was made from two printing alignment dots. I hoped that this would result in fewer viewers saying "there's a Chinese restaurant!" when seeing any building with Asian characters on it, but it hasn't worked ;-)

This module, as well as the Service Station corner, use Plate Track curves. These are the correct radius for an alternate spaced corner, and using them simplifies getting the alignment right. The fences, ballast, and paving blocks are all included.

Module overview.
Module overview.
Kintetsu ACE 22000 passing the temple on a cloudy day, and a postman in the foreground.
Fire engines
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