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About Me And T-Trak

Terry Nathan passed away on July 5, 2018.

My first attempt at model railroading was a 3'x6' HO traction layout that I created to explore the mysteries of DCC. Soon after I began, I found the AustNTrak group and discovered T-TRAK. That led to a conversion of scale and magnitude of the "layout" - both got much smaller while the audience for my work got much bigger.

I continued my fascination with electronics and streetcars, but moved to the T-TRAK format. Creating something that will be seen in public challenges me to much loftier projects than tinkering with a little oval track in the back room. It also forces me to set goals and complete them - a big change from working on my own with no particular timeframe or end goal. And after a year of modeling with T-TRAK, I saw the need for readily available, affordable module kits. I started T-Kits.com to help lower the barriers to entering the hobby.

T-TRAK appeals to me on several levels. By lowering both the cost and time commitment, it opens the door for a younger generation of modelers, giving new energy to the hobby. With the possibility or combining your work with others, modular modeling gives meaning and vitality to local train groups. And by designing your work for the benefit of others, the modeler is encouraged to a higher standard of creativity and craftsmanship. Then there is the side benefit that even after the modeler has moved on to other hobbies or other worlds, the work he or she has done can actually have a life without being torn apart and sold as scrap parts.

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