The Breakfast Bends

Built By: Dan

Description: I built this pair of 355mm-deep s-transition double modules to give us the option of building the Australian Paperclip layout as shown on the Layouts page. As a bit of fun, inspired by the somewhat tortuous track alignment curving across the module, I built the modules as an homage to my favourite level on the 90s Micro Machines video game: the Breakfast Bends. The cars in the game raced around a breakfast table with a blue checked tablecloth on a course marked out with breakfast cereal. So, for my T-Trak version, I can accessorise the modules with whatever comes to hand to make a breakfast time scene for the trains to race through.


The modules are built in my heavyweight style from 11mm OSB. The modules use the dimensions and track plan from the S-Transition Double page. The track is fixed through the table cloth with M1.6 screws from underneath the module. You may be able to see in one of the photos that one track on one module has the fixing holes drilled through from the top: I used those track pieces as a template to mark the holes for all four tracks, so the other three tracks could have "invisible" fixings.

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