The Cannery

Built By: Thieu

Description: Cannery and small factory

The Cannery is named after the main feature on this module: The Old Mill. The little factory gets fresh products by train, and ships canned goods by train. The model is a Bachmann kit.


The small factory is a tool shop, but has no name. It is quite useless to design a company sign, since the front of the building is faced towards the back of the module. Why make a sign that no one can see? The model itself is a resin kit from the Dutch brand Artitec.

The%20Cannery%2C%2021-12-2014%20%281%29.JPG The%20Cannery%2C%2021-12-2014%20%283%29.JPG The%20Cannery%2C%2021-12-2014%20%284%29.JPG
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