The Engine shed

Built By: Barry Fisher

Description: The engine shed is a single module that was created from one of the first N scale plastic models (Pola) I constructed in my teens. That plastic model sat completed in a shoebox for twenty five years and then had a new lease of life on this T-trak module.


By using a classic trick of model scenes I have placed a single track through the shed at a diagonal on the module. Depending on the exhibition, I place a different loco in the shed with some bluetak. I have used a tuelle ribbon as a chain mesh fence around the engine shed, this fence creates a great transition between modules when this module is placed next to any other module in my collection.


On the front of the module is a small push button that when pressed lights a 3V globe inside the shed, using two AA batteries in a small holder mounted below the module. Such a simple animation provides a great deal of enjoyment for little fingers at an exhibition.

Constructed: June 2006

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