The Red Barn

Built By: Thieu

Description: A red wooden barn.

A corner module is small, so it is difficult to build some interesting scenery. I decided to keep it simple: a red wooden barn in the middle of pastures. Why a red barn? Because it is an icon of rural America.

I have scratchbuilt this barn. That proved to be easier than building the wooden lasercut kit I had bought some years ago. The hundreds of tiny parts, the uncomprehensable directions, the warping wooden walls: after just 5 minutes of staring at the contents of this kit I decided that it would be easier to scratchbuild the whole thing.

With some pictures I found on the internet, it was rather easy to make a good design. I prefer working with styrene, so I have built the entire barn out of this plastic. After just a few days of building and painting, I had a red barn, ready to install on the module.


The red barn during its construction stage.


The module at its first public appearance.

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