The Wharf

Built By: Barry Fisher

Description: The wharf was my first double module. It became an experiment in many ways as I really wanted to build a boat in Nscale and I also wanted to explore the use of the alternative construction materials with T-trak. I constructed the entire base and sides using expanded white foam board that is laminated with thin card. In Australia we call this material "Foamboard", I think it is called the same in the USA. The Foamboard was glued using hot melt glue from a glue gun.


A small siding services the buildings on the wharf, particularly "Hills Seafoods". The small fishing trawler is at dock and about to be refueled from the overhaed pipe work that travels across the module.


I added a small overtrack walkway at one end of the module as a scene blocker. It has a few workman attached, but at exhibitions the workman tend to wander with the help of small children.


Remarkably they often return, as fellow exhibitors, at the end of the day, find them in their unusual HO land.

The module is incredible light, but strong. The Kato Unitrack provides the rigidity once glued to the foamboard and sceniced with ballast and PVA glue.

Constructed: November 2007 - September 2008

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