Thinking Inside the Box

Built By: Bob Myers

Description: T-Trak track passes through a G-Gauge box car.


The inspiration for this was an old discussion of what made a "real" T-Trak module. Some held that it required a "Lee-style" box. This led me to the expression "thinking outside the box", which I inverted (and the module too,) to "thinking inside the box.

The box car is a Bachmann trainset grade one. I did some corrections and detail painting. The track is brass code 332, on real wood ties and quartzite chicken grit ballast. Ive got a Microtrains Nn3 D&SNG 3600 boxcar that I want to lash to a flat and get onto a train.

As could be expected, the module is a real converstion piece at shows.

This module won an Honorable mention plaque at Trainfest 2010. I've got to get a photo here.

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