T-TRAK Modules

The T-TRAK Wiki has lots of modules to view. Here are a few different ways to view them.

Constructed Modules

Page Description
Module Inventory Summary Lists total number of modules by type. Clicking the header shows all by that type.
Modules by Club A list of modules organized by club.
Modules by Features A table of common module tags. Each entry displays a list of modules with that tag

Module Dimensions

Scale Module Type
T-TRAK-N Single
T-TRAK-N Double
T-TRAK-N S-Transition Double
T-TRAK-N Triple
T-TRAK-N Corner (r282/315)
T-TRAK-N Endcap (or 180) (r282/315)
T-TRAK-N Inside Corner (for r282/315 corners)
T-TRAK-N T-Junction (for r282/315 corners)
T-TRAK-N C-Junction (for r282/315 corners)
T-TRAK-N Double Cross Junction (for r282/315 corners)
T-TRAK-N Star Junction (for r282/315 corners)
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