Two Creeks Inside Corner

Built By:Barry Fisher


This inside corner was developed using plans I constructed in 2005 from ideas developed by Steve Jackson. I like the idea of a uniform flow of the module around the corner avoiding the deep back corner effect that can be created with a full standard inside module box. It is powered using RCA connectors via the Australian Standard.

It is a fully sceniced corner to allow for a Australian bush scene to flow around the full corner. In this design our exhibition group use a single module table at a right angle to flow the mainline out into the public viewing area. This is a unique design that we have been trialing at exhibitions as it allows for a wrap around effect for the public viewer. We have not used barriers, and so the public can get in real close so they can allow the mainline to surround them. This style is very popular with wheelchair access viewers, as we are using the standard plastic tables as a viewing height; we are providing a view that is not possible in many layouts at an exhibition for these disability members of the train community. It also allows an easy visual transition between modules made by different modellers at an exhibition.


The scenic module users a variety of European and Australian based scenic materials that create a grassed effect without using a static grass generator.


Constructed: March 2023

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