various T-Track module plans

Built By: Ian Loxton

Description: Many module plans that never saw the light of day for one reason or another. Maybe they are of use to somebody, even if just to show why designs don't work ;)
The plans are in XTrkCAD format. XTRack CAD is freely available and runs on many different operating systems. If you are running XTRack CAD and you would like the actual XTRKCAD file feel free to download it and it is yours. No, you cannot use my designs for commercial purposes, only for personal use. XTrack CAD Yahoo Forum The XTrackCAD Wiki : BeginnerTutorial XTrack CAD Tutorial for beginners

I will try to keep these drawings combined with similar sized modules but they wont be added to the database as singles doubles etc because they are not actual modules, just plans for what might be able to be made into a module.

Disclaimer: I am just a learner as far as what might make a good design and what might actually work. These may or may not fit within any club or group standards. These plans are offered with no guarantees - user accepts full responsibility ;)

Single modules

Double modules

Triple modules

Quad modules

Super Modules (Deep and Wide)

Multiple modules - layouts

My current layout progress ian-loxton-current-module

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