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About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

Up until a few years ago I was a person that acquired N Scale items with the plan to one day build that big layout when I had room and time. Every few years or so the train bug would bite me again and I'd go to a nearby train show to admire the work of others and buy anything that caught my eye and did not scare my wallet.

At one of these shows I came across the motley crew that is North Texas T-Trak (even mottlier now that I'm a member) and asked why the layout seemed to be such a hodge-podge of themes and scenes. It was explained to me that each module belonged to a different member. I recall staring down at the foot square of scenery and thinking "I really don't know the first thing about building a big layout. I still don't have the room for the big layout; I'm not getting any younger and the prospects for getting the big room for the big layout are looking slimmer. Heck, I could do a square foot of scenery. And even if I messed it up, I could just scrape it off and do it over." You likely read this faster than I thought it so I'm sure I looked like a slack jawed idiot staring at a single module on the layout. When I finally realized that I may actually be able to do a foot square of scenery I asked about joining.

So, okay, as evidenced by my modules I still don't know a lot about scenery (other than two coats of paint) but I am at least a practicing model railroader as opposed to someone that merely acquires pieces. T-Trak is the mechanism that enabled me to make that transition.

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