West Milford East (A)

Built By: Mike Maloney

Description: West Milford East (A) is an offset double-wide constructed entirely of 1/2" foam-core. It's topped with extruded foam chunks, and carved with a sur-form rasp. The ends are standard Kato Unitrak, but the filler track is Atlas code 80 flex, soldered to the Unitrak.

The roadway is made from styrene spray painted with a primer gray, and is Route 160 compatible.

Module still needs some work, as this was the very first time I've ever completed any scenery! The roadway will be reworked a little to narrow it up across the RR crossing. Additionally, I will be covering up some of the bare spots and rework the ballast.

A future addition might bring a little animation in the form of working crossing gates.

Under Construction view

Completed to date

If I can do it, YOU can do it!

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