Wide Corner A - Cnr

Built By:David S.

Description:Uses the area of a single + corner + single in a "L" shape to produce a wide radius curve module, being approx 400mm x 950mm in total length. It fits perfectly into a "circular" display layout, and allows long trains to realistically travel around the large layout. All four units have a background backing.
Construction is simple.
Looking at photo #2 you will see the three single modules laid out in an "L" shape corner.
Photo #3 shows the standard T-Trak corner on top of the wide corner.
(If you want four Wide Corners, just cut four of everything. ie:- screw four sheets of ply together, and then cut)
Photo #4 shows four wide corner units, in four stages of construction.
Photo #5 shows the finished module, before laying of track and scenery.

For a Standard 2 track T-Trak curve, just lay the two tracks, the outer being a 630mm radius.

Easy to build, easy to store, and easy to connect at exhibitions.
Hope this helps fellow T-Trak modellers.

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