wooded balloon loop

Built By:Josh Murrah


This is a balloon loop that is heavily forested, with a cliff fascia. It uses a simple track plan with 282mm curves with 124mm easements to avoid switchbacks and has 64mms at the throat to help with repeated connections and the more delicate foam base. The module is harbyboard base with blue insulation foam built up, with more blue foam and a layer of spackle for the hill. There's a center area that's modular with a conduit to the base, that I will build modular centers to add… current thoughts are a simple wooded bald area, and a devil's tower type of addition with a big thunderous cloud over it.

I own two of these loops, allowing me to use them at home to create a loop out of a single row of modules, they also have interesting possibilities when used with junction modules as layout interests. I'm working on junctions with small spacers to substitute as doubles to make them easy to use with a show layout.

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