Wooden Painting Panels

I have yet to see anyone document this method on the wiki, so thought I would get it down. I can't take credit for the idea, and I have yet to build one myself (yet) — but thought it was a good enough idea to document here "for posterity".

These "Wooden Painting Panels" are 12" x 12" — and the "Gallery Depth" ones are 1.5" deep. It makes them very close to a standard single module. It seems like you should be able to find them in craft/painting stores. At the time of writing, they seem to run around $10-15(USD) for a 'single'

Since I have not build one yet, I don't have any photos. To see details about a build, you will just have to go watch the ~7min section of the November edition of ZoomTalk


A few notes/opinions from me about the build (again, I have not done one yet, so take these with a grain of salt):

  • I think this method will work GREAT for those that want to have a lower deck (track higher than scenery). Basically, the deck is already lowered!
  • The difference on the left/right (the 12in nominal vs the 12 1/8 T-TRAK standard) is really minimal. You may not even need to worry about it. (maybe if this is your very first ever build, don't worry about it. If you are more experienced, then you know what you're doing :-D )
  • Before you build/paint/etc - add a front fascia to bring that front to the standard 2.75" height. This fascia can also be extended left/right to minimize that difference. An additional fascia could be added to the back, and bring the 12" depth closer to the more common 13" depth. (I find the difference in DEPTHS to be more noticeable at shows than the difference in widths)
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