Чуть позже будет здесь и по-русски тоже :)

I'm newbie in layouts construction, because have no completed modules, however T-Trak is very attractive for me due to its compact size, simplicity in baseboard construction and low number of limitation and standardized things. Easy and fast to get railroading fun - I'd choose this motto to describe my interest in T-Trak.

Some bio will be here later.

My Modules

I have full oval - 4 corners, 3 double modules and 2 single modules. Have some plans to fit short and expandable passenger station onto one side of oval, and intermodal side industry to the other side.

My Trains

Primarily I own BN, BNSF and SantaFe rolling stock and locos, however also have some German trains and few other railroads cars and locos. I'm fan of long passenger trains, freight operations with boxcars and intermodal transportation as well.

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